Executive Coaching

Coaching Exec Flyer

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is a powerful way to develop self-awareness, confidence and trust within a professional environment. Coaching promotes staff retention at all levels, provides a safe space for problem solving outside of the hierarchy of school-based line management and leads to better staff wellbeing overall.

Coaching is for all at every level but you may feel drawn to receiving coaching if you are going through a transitional or challenging phase in your career. Transitional phases such as promotion, taking on new responsibilities or considering your next career steps can be difficult but can be navigated successfully with the support of a coach to help you overcome common issues such as imposter syndrome, low confidence and the challenges of managing a team. Coaching helps build confidence and develop your leadership skills so you can fulfil your potential.


  • A minimum of 6 days
  • Online sessions throughout the week
  • In person sessions available on Tuesdays at Harris Academy Chafford Hundred
  • £350 per person

For further information about the programme or to book you can contact Sarah Dodsley:


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