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Serving East of England Schools – 2022-23

The online subject forums will allow you to look at latest research in your subject area and how you can incorporate this into your practice. Our Subject Forums are delivered in partnership via Curriculum Hubs, and the Teaching School Hubs in the Eastern region.

Alpha, Cambridge and Peterborough, Chafford Hundred, Saffron and Unity Teaching School Hubs are collaborating to offer regional Subject Forums.

  • Online events for 45 mins based on evidence informed practice within the subject domain. This is a vehicle to support further collaborations and access to Curriculum Hubs and Subject Association offers.
  • Where published, Subject Leads will draw on at least one piece of research from The Ofsted Research Review in their subject, or a robust piece of research suggested by their subject body/association.
  • Where possible the sessions will follow on from NASBTT’s subject network for ITT which will share relevant subject focussed research and thinking. The NASBTT’s TEAMZ will be a useful source of information for our subject lead, alongside their professional subject bodies and associations.
  • The structure of the forums are based on Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle, and take place once a term.

Individual School Membership to the Subject Forums costs £70 per year for Primary and £120 for Secondary.

MAT Price for 10+ schools:
£500 - Primary
£1000 - Secondary
£950 - Mixed

MAT price for 20+ schools:
£1000 - Primary
£2000 - Secondary
£1900 - Mixed

The membership fee will allow you to add any teacher onto the Subject Forums during the year. There will be three forums in the Autumn, Spring and Summer term for
each subject.

For the Primary Subject Forum click HERE to register.

For the Secondary Subject Forum click HERE to register.

Delegates' Responses

“I found it really informative and the enthusiasm of the subject leader was inspiring. There was so much for me to take away in terms of future CPD for my team, monitoring the quality of teaching and learning in this subject area in classrooms and also in my discussions with children. Looking forward to this group developing and sharing ideas in the future.” Susan Locke, Headteacher, Mildene Primary School.

“The subject lead was passionate very knowledgeable about her subject, it was nice to have someone clearly so dedicated share her enthusiasm. There were a few things that came up that I felt inspired me to try to embed in geography in my own school. There were some nice suggestions to take away, such as the learning of a song throughout the school to embed key knowledge and fact-based learning and using reading inference with the intentions of being a geographer. Jemma related her delivery to the strands covered in Ofsted's Geography Research Review which made it relevant.” Stacie Weller, Assistant Headteacher, Quarry Hill Academy.

We are looking for Facilitators to delivery for Primary and Secondary Humanities.  Please see the flyer below in the Downloads area.


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