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Language and Communication

These 3 modular training programmes aimed at heads of literacy and senior leaders in Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools will explore the recommendations from the EEF Literacy Guidance Reports and how they can be successfully implemented across a school. They align directly with Essex County Council’s Disadvantaged Strategy and use evidence-informed practice to support improved outcomes for all learners. Each programme will focus on the foundations of literacy, oracy, reading and disciplinary literacy. The blended course includes a padlet of resources and an opportunity to be involved in cluster meetings to provide further networking alongside local Evidence Leads in Education (ELEs).

Programme Outcomes:

  • Develop understanding of the evidence base for literacy, whilst exploring the relevance of this to your own setting, within a community of practitioners.
  • Consider case studies, supporting tools and practical advice which bring to life evidence informed practice in literacy.
  • Identify priorities for your school and develop plans to implement evidence-informed processes, practices and programmes.
  • Sustain implementation of evidence-informed practices through collaborative meetings and follow-on support.

How will the programme be delivered?

Each programme will run over four 2-hour afternoon sessions, online, followed by a further 2 cluster meetings in person. Dates, times and venues to follow, but all cohorts will launch in Autumn 2022.

Who is this programme for? Literacy leads, senior leaders or colleagues with responsibility for literacy either whole-school or on a smaller scale.

What is the cost?

Estimated cost per school: £150

Early Years and KS1

Led by East London Research School

KS2-3 Transition

Led by Unity Research School

Key Stage 4

Led by Unity Research School

Register your school to join the partnership (and take part in any of the programmes) here.

Example module overview:


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