NPQ in Leading Primary Maths


NPQLMaths how

  • For: Teachers and leaders with responsibility for leading maths across a primary key-stage or school, or those who want to have this responsibility, who also have a secure level of understanding mastery approaches to teaching primary maths* and wish to improve leadership skills in this area.
  • Subject leaders in a school already engaged in the primary teaching for Mastery programme (or similar programme example)
  • *This should come through a minimum of 1 year's participation of the Maths Hubs Teaching for Mastery programme, or a programme equivalent

  • Accreditation: NPQ in Leading Primary Maths (NPQLM)
  • Start Date: November 2024
  • Programme Length: 12 Months
  • Application Deadline: October 2024
  • Cost: Fully funded

For more information or to apply click the link below:

NPQ in Leading Primary Maths

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