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DfE Consultation: Appropriate body reforms and induction assessment - May 2023

In the ‘Opportunity for all’ white paper, published in March 2022, the department committed to reforming the role of the appropriate body (AB). In the induction guidance for ABs published in 2021 the department also committed to introducing stronger quality assurance of the AB sector.

In response, the department has, today, launched a consultation on ‘Appropriate body reform and induction assessment - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)’. The consultation document announces the decision to move to a system in which teaching school hubs (TSHs) will become the main providers of AB services and Local Authorities will no longer carry out this role. This will enable quality assurance of AB services through existing contractual relationships with TSHs.

To inform improvements to the AB role and to help policy development, the consultation is also seeking views on how the responsibilities of ABs can be improved as well as the value of the formal assessment process.

Please read the Appropriate body reform and induction assessment: Consultation document’ and provide responses to the consultation via the following link: https://consult.education.gov.uk/induction-regulations-and-appropriate-bodies-policy/appropriate-body-reform-and-induction-assessment/

The consultation will run for eight weeks until 21 July 2022, the government is expected to publish its response to the consultation in Autumn 2022.

DfE ECF Myth Buster Guidance 

The DfE has published new guidance (as at 22/02/2022) regarding the Early Career Framework (ECF). This guidance covers the most frequent questions regarding ECF.

The guidance is for: 

ECF induction and training: additional information for early career teachers

ECF induction and training: additional information for mentors

ECF induction and training: additional information for school leaders

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