Support for Mentors

Annual Regional Mentor Conference - 2nd March 2022

Keynote speakers: 

  • Charlotte Raby is an Early Reading Expert and English Consultant and was a member of the DfE Expert Advisory Group on the new Leading Literacy NPQ.
  • In her talk Charlotte will look at the Reading Framework - Teaching the Foundations of Literacy (DfE 2021) and how this guidance impacts primary and secondary teaching.
  • Dr Richard Kueh HMI is the Ofsted Subject Lead for RE.
  • In his talk Richard will give background to the Ofsted Research Review series and will look at the big picture of subject-based curricula, what we can learn from the Research Review, and the role of mentors in developing subject knowledge for their trainees and ECTs.
  • Subject Forums: subject specific support for mentors and all teaching staff can be found here.  

See 'Download' section below for the Conference slides.

Mentor conference 2.3.22

On 2 March 2022, Teaching School Hubs in the Eastern Region are hosting an online conference for mentors. This event will be hosted by the Chafford Hundred, Saffron, Alpha, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Julian and Unity Teaching School Hubs.

Event details:

  • A free online conference for primary and secondary ITT and ECT mentors
  • Wednesday 2 March 4:30-6:00pm
  • Hear about how the Teaching School Hub can support you
  • Find out more about the Teaching School Hubs' new regional Subject Forums
  • Listen to talks by keynote speakers Dr Richard Kueh and Charlotte Raby

Mentor Conference - February 2021

Video link:

We are delighted to have two keynote speakers;

Sam Twiselton - OBE, will speak about ensuring progression across the frameworks (ITT, ECT, ECF and beyond). Our second Keynote Speaker; Professor Caroline Daly from UCL, Institute of Education, will speak about effective mentoring approaches to ensure deep learning for both mentor & mentee. She will also look at challenging expert and novice assumptions about mentoring. You can see some of Caroline’s research on mentoring here:

There will also be a range of other topics such as:

  • Trauma Practice in Covid Times
  • Best Practice on How to Get the Most Out of the Mentor Meeting
  • The Big Picture: Mentoring from ITT to ECF

Mentor Conf. Feb. 21


Page Downloads Date  
Charlotte Raby The Reading Framework 2 March 2022 08th Mar 2022 Download
How the Teaching School Hubs can support mentors 08th Mar 2022 Download
Subject Forums 08th Mar 2022 Download
ECF A Guide for Mentors and Early Career Teachers IOE 08th Mar 2022 Download
Educative mentoring Daly Palombo 2021 08th Mar 2022 Download
How to approach a mental health conversation with adults 08th Mar 2022 Download
Mentor Conference Feb. 21 QA session Your Questions Answered 08th Mar 2022 Download
Mentor Conference Feb. 21 slides 08th Mar 2022 Download
Reactions to trauma immediate and delayed 08th Mar 2022 Download
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